FlexNetwork – September 2017

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FlexNetwork provides standout investment product information to select broker dealers and advisors globally. Investment products are solely issued through, and handpicked by, FlexFunds. An email communication is sent once a month, with the relevant product information. Further details, including the economics of each product, are available upon request.

We securitize private placement products, which usually result in higher upside for broker dealers. These products often:

  • are diversified strategies
  • invest in niche areas
  • offer increased economics

Source: FlexNetwork – September 2017

The Scottish Private Fund Limited Partnership


With effect from 6 April 2017, the United Kingdom has overhauled its limited partnership legislation to create a new form of limited partnership: the Private Fund Limited Partnership (“PFLP”). The PFLP is designed solely for private funds, and aims to create a more flexible vehicle for private equity, infrastructure and real estate fund managers. When compared with the existing UK limited partnership vehicle—which will continue to be available—the PFLP is less burdensome administratively, reducing the number of public filings that are required, as well as reducing the content of any filings that are required. The PFLP also offers investors greater certainty in relation to their limited liability. This note considers the key differences between the PFLP and the existing UK limited partnership vehicle, and analyses whether existing UK limited partnerships should choose to opt in and become designated as PFLPs.

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FlexFunds – Exchange Traded Products

Securitise Opportunities and Global Distribution

FlexFunds creates and administers investment vehicles for Asset Managers. These vehicles are customisable and allow for the packaging of financial portfolios and real assets. They are distributed through a listed Euroclearable security with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), price (NAV) calculation, Bloomberg listing, trustee and audit services.

FlexETP Fund

A FlexETP Fund securitizes a portfolio of publicly traded assets. The portfolio is actively managed by an appointed Portfolio Manager, and participations are globally distributed through a Euroclearable listed security. Continue reading “FlexFunds – Exchange Traded Products”

Life Insurances for (U)HNWI

Wealth planning is a dynamic process of asset accumulation, lifetime uses and distribution of wealth and it addresses both your personal and business needs and objectives. Many wealthy individuals fear the erosion of their estate from taxes, creditor’s claims and even family disputes at a time when wealth is transferred from one generation to another.

What is Life Insurance for HNWI?

A recognized wealth preservation tool in international private banking that
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The BVI Approved and Incubator Funds

The BVI Government has developed two new regulated fund structures to cater for family and friends structures and start up investment managers, both of which are less regulated than Professional Funds and Private Funds and offer simplified opportunities to pool investments on a more cost-efficient basis. The new fund structures can be constituted as either a company or a limited partnership.

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Residence Programs by Investments in Spain and Portugal

1. Spanish Golden Visa investment program

The general procedure to obtain a Spanish residence visa through investments (called the “Golden Visa”) is through a real estate investment equal to or above EUR 500.000. However, pursuant to Spanish Law, there is more than one option to obtain the Visa based on investments, which are:

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