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Alternative investments such as Real Estate, Private Equity, Infrastructure, Sports, Exotic Assets have had an exponential growth in the wealth management and family office industry during the last decade. Nevertheless, the structuring of these type of investments vehicles requires highly skilled professionals with international tax and legal expertise.

Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative investment funds are private investment vehicles, typically with separate legal personality, which pool funds from sophisticated investors. The pooled funds are then invested by a professional investment management company with the objective to obtain returns above a certain benchmark.

Fund setup – choosing the right fund

Investment funds can be structured in various legal forms, such as companies, limited partnerships or unit trusts. And within this classification the fund can adopt different forms depending on the jurisdiction and the legal system.

The following questions have to be answered in order to determine both the right fund structure and  jurisdiction:

1.  Regarding the Investors:

What type of investors will be approached?

What is their fiscal residence?

2.  Regarding the Investments (assets):

What is the initial amount to be raised?

What type of assets will be invested in?

3.  Regarding the registrations and licenses:

Does the fund require special registration?

Does the investment management company require a license?

Our most popular funds

1.  The BVI Approved and Incubator Funds – go to the memo here

2.  The Scottish Private Fund Limited Partnership – go to the memo here

3.  The Hong Kong Unit Trust – our memo will soon be available!

4.  FlexETP Fund – go to the memo here

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Investment Management Company  – going solo or under an umbrella structure


Fund Director – active yet not disruptive

Our approach is to provide an active yet non disruptive director.  This is achieved by obtaining and monitoring information provided primarily by fund administrators and by focusing on the business operation of the fund, not the investing operations.  We believe that if investment risks are clearly disclosed in a Fund’s prospectus, investors will make informed decisions and therefore do not require protection from disclosed investment risks.

We monitor the business operations of each fund in light of current developments in regulation, disclosed operational policies and constitutional documents with a view towards identifying potential problems early and will suggest corrective actions when necessary.

The inclusion of an independent third party director in the structure of an Alternative Investment vehicle is a “must have” requirement for any Fund.

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Fund Administration – do I need an administrator?

Essentially, a fund administrator serves as an independent third party that protects the interests of investors. The main function of a third-party administrator is to independently calculate the net asset value of the fund.

Start-up funds both small in size and number of investors may not necessary be obliged to appoint a fund administrator, thus allowing for a period of growth until the fund is “mature” enough to appoint an administrator.

Our “one-stop” platform for turn-key solutions allows us to accommodate different clients’ needs on every aspect and status of a fund.  Through the use of state of the art technology and highly qualified personnel we provide accurate and independent portfolio accounting.

1.  Onboarding and Checking on Investors 

2.  Regular and Repetitive Processing

3.  Monthly, Quarterly Or (Bi-)Annual Reporting

4.  Annual and Ongoing Services

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Investment Reporting Services – smart outsourcing

In times of uncertain market environments, it’s crucial to know how protected or exposed your wealth is. Our Investment-Reporting-Services provide you with accurate performance- and risk-figures at every level of your or your clients’ consolidated wealth.

Comprehensive reporting & controlling services

Looking at the value chain of the investment process, it’s crucial that the party commenting on the return and risk figures is independent. As such an independent provider has an unbiased attitude. This is a key premise to act in the interest of our global located clients including Family Offices, Trusts, Asset Managers and Pension Funds.

Reporting across multiple portfolios and aggregations

Sourcing data at geographically scattered banks and custodians is a challenging task.

Data in different formats, containing different attributes and differently priced positions must be sourced and analysed on multiple levels alongside the investor’s reporting setup. To perform this task successfully, a proper report engine and experienced employees are of key relevance! Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge of reporting procedures. They put emphasis on understanding the individual reporting requirements of the clients in order to provide them with a personalized service.

Reporting solutions tailored to the client’s particular needs

Increasing pressure on performance and the greater need for transparency have fundamentally changed the expectations in the investment process. Our specialists provide you with all relevant information to ensure you have a sound basis on which to make decisions with respect to returns, investment structure, risk, control and cost. The analysis covers the total wealth, regardless whether the money is booked with multiple custodians across the world or if the wealth consists of non-bankable assets.

download here our investment reporting pager

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