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The use of wealth structures is an essential component of any wealth and investment planning procedure. It is the first step for comprehensive and efficient structuring. It basically consists in the creation of a framework for wealth and asset management that uses international business companies,  trusts & foundations, private placement life insurances and second citizenship & residence programs.

Wealth/Asset Management – the right manager with the right structure

Holding a bank account at an international private bank; owning a company for real estate property or being an international private equity investor can bring with it significant legal and tax implications if not properly structured.

Regardless if your assets are managed by a private bank or an independent wealth manager a proper wealth structure, i.e. a legal complaint and tax efficient structure, will always involve the setup of an entity to hold your assets. The setup should always consider three key factors:

1.  Optimised returns on gains, withdrawals and/or dividend distributions;

2.  Privacy and asset protection;

3.  Efficient wealth transfers to the next family generations.

The most common tools used to set up a wealth structures are trusts, private foundations, private funds, private life insurances and second citizenship or visa residence programs.

Trusts & Private Foundations 

There are significant differences between trusts and private foundations; however, they share a common purpose, which is to serve as a vehicle to hold business and personal assets for estate and tax planning. Both may also be created for charitable purposes.

The actual decision as to whether to setup a trust or a private foundation will mostly depend on the settlor/founder and beneficiaries’ tax residence  and the level of control over the assets the family (settlor, founder, beneficiaries, etc.) wants to retain.

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Private Placement of Life Insurances  

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is the type of international life insurance acquired only by HNW (High-Net-Worth) & UHNW (Ultra-High.Net-Worth) individuals. With this product, investment portfolios are kept in insurance instead of in a traditional bank account. This type of life insurance product can be set up as unit-linked insurance or a fixed-term insurance, which means that the proceeds of the life insurance that are ultimately to be paid out will depend on the performance or the length of time the securities are kept in the life insurance policy.

Combined individual private banking & investments with insurance Key benefits are:

  • Tax privileges during term, at withdrawal and on payments upon death;
  • Inheritance planning with flexible beneficiary nomination;
  • Asset and investor protection to safeguard private wealth;
  • Simplifying reporting duties due to insurance reporting rules;
  • Widening the investment universe by changing legal ownership; and
  • Legitimate privacy of individual wealth.

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Second Citizenship & Residence Programs

Investing in a second passport is fast becoming the smartest strategy for global businessman, citizens from troubled regions and those interested in wealth preservation. Becoming a Dual National or indeed repatriating to another country has many benefits but is a complex affair that requires years of immigration and asset management experience.

We offer over fifteen years combined experience in immigration, investments and property laws and have the know-how necessary to prevent costly mistakes and have your application successfully approved.

You will receive a discreet, highly-professional and personable service as we work with you on the unique merits of your application. We adhere to a strict code of conduct that conforms to confidentiality and client privacy throughout the process.

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