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Globalise your company

Great Andes Capital advises entrepreneurs, startups and mature

companies with their internationalisation, corporate structuring, venture capital financing rounds, and stock options plans, by assisting them with the full startup life cycle, from legal incorporation and structure, to financing rounds and exit strategies.

Choosing the right jurisdiction, establishing the legal structure, planning financing rounds (from small series seed to large venture capital backed rounds) and drafting shareholder, license and commercial agreements are key steps for an efficient internationalisation for your business.


Looking for sophisticated investors?

Alternative investment funds are private investment vehicles, typically with separate legal personality, which pool funds from sophisticated investors. The pooled funds are then invested by a professional investment management company with the objective to obtain returns above a certain benchmark. 

Investments  funds have had an exponential growth, in the last two decades, in the asset management and family office industry. Nevertheless, the structuring of these type of vehicles requires highly skilled professionals with international legal, regulatory, tax and compliance expertise. 

Investment funds can be structured in various legal forms, such as companies, limited partnerships or unit trusts. And within this classification the fund can adopt different forms depending on the jurisdiction and the legal system.


Gain access to the international capital market

Securitizations vehicle are independent, off-balance sheet, multi-issuance programs that offer a cost effective, transparent and bespoke investment vehicle for both actively managed certificates and asset backed securities (global note program).

Jurisdictional flexibility with pre-packaged service providers significantly reduces both time to market for new issuances and removes the risk of cost and time over-run. 

The securities we specialise in creating are provided with and ISIN code, euroclear registered, eventually exchange listed, freely transferrable and can be placed with a broad range of investors from professional investors, mutual funds, institutional counter-parties and other eligible counter-parties, as defined by MiFID. 

As a result, they meet the requirements of investors as well as being easier to distribute than other alternative investment structures subject to regulatory regimes such as AIFMD.